Evidence Based Food Therapy with Caterina Marchese, R.H.N

I work with clients to guide them towards their health goals. No matter how close or far you may be from your goals I can take you closer. I believe that food is the best medicine and use them therapeutically. You will receive an evidence-based program that is customized for you based on your needs.

“The human body has an inner intelligence and an  innate ability to heal itself if given the proper tools and therapy. In my practice those tools include a detailed health history assessment and overview of my clients symptoms. The most powerful, sustainable and bioavailable therapy is Evidence-Based Food Therapy and this is my main area of focus”

Caterina Marchese, R.H.N.                           Owner, March Essential Foods.



March Essential Foods was created to deliver a number of positive health benefits, especially when it comes to your digestive and immune systems. As local as possible, organic, alive and low glycemic. Our functional foods are suitable for vegan or raw food diets and we prepare  them to either preserve their nutritional value or increase it! From ferments to super sides every product will have your cells and taste buds thanking you.

“It’s the terrain, not the germ” Louis Pasteur

To help you achieve optimum health by using whole foods.

Email : info@caterinamarchese.com

Website : www.caterinamarchese.com

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